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Let’s Take Back Our Control from Anxiety

Group will be provided in a safe and positive environment. This will be a CLOSED group setting; therefore, no new members will join once the group has begun.

​Facilitators: Bhargavi Patel
Contact: (416) 432 - 7262
Where: 6981 Millcreek Drive, Unit #8
Duration: 7 Weeks


The Let’s Take Back Our Control from Anxiety group will focus each week on a different topic as it is related to anxiety.

  • The group will be a safe and positive space for you

  • You will learn to identify your anxiety symptoms, as well as the situations in which you experience anxiety

  • You will learn skills to cope and manage your anxiety

  • Opportunity to practice your newfound skills to take back control from your anxiety

Disclaimer: Skills taught in within the Let’s Take Back Our Control from Anxiety are general. They are not focused specifically to one type of anxiety disorder. However, working with your counsellor through individual sessions, you will be able to tailor the skills to meet your specific needs.

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